Employment Status

Are you a contractor? If you work for someone else, it is important to know whether you are working for that person in an employed capacity or in a self-employed capacity as an independent contractor.

Your employment status will determine the charge to tax on income from your employment or self-employment. It will also determine the class of NICs, which are to be paid.

Umbrella Companies employ you for tax purposes and complete central returns for all their contractors. It's less hassle and more flexible for you but take home pay is typically less than that the limited company option.

The best option for you depends on your plans, 'one off' contract or 'contractor for life'? [Read More...]

Umbrella Company Accounting with reduced fees

Umbrella Company Quote

Online accountng calculators can often be confusing as you may not be sure whether you:

  • fall inside or outside or IR35
  • should register for VAT or not
  • would be financially better off with a Limited Company or an Umbrella Company

Umbrella Compare keep it simple. We won't ask you to fill out forms which you may be confused by. We won't force you into an umbrella or limited solution. We simply provide the right information and support so that you can decide whether to use the services of an umbrella company or a limited company.

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HMRC Compliance

It's the basics... Compliance with Tax, VAT, PAYE and fiscal arrangements is mandatory for contractors regardless of whether you use an umbrella company or your own limited company.

Incredible then that there are still rogue umbrella companies and limited company accountants who expose their contractors to fraud. Umbrella Compare provides THE solution, we thoroughly vet all umbrella companies and limited company accountants that we list [Read more...].

Umbrella Compare provides a holistic overview of contracting with the aim of helping new and old contractors find the right payroll solutions. Contracting should be about focusing on the contract, not payroll, accounting, HMRC and bureaucracy.